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Stories from the Shack

Stories from the Shack

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In Stories from the Leopold Shack: Sand County Revisited, Estella B. Leopold reflects on the “Shack,” as the family called its re-purposed barn. The youngest of the Leopold children, Estella recalls with clear-eyed fondness the part it played in her family’s burgeoning awareness of nature, season by season: the taste of fresh honey on pancakes; the trumpeting call of migrating Canada geese; the awesome power of river ice driven by currents. Each description is accompanied by stunning photographs by her brother, Carl Leopold.

As first evoked in A Sand County Almanac, and now revisited in Stories from the Leopold Shack, the Leopold family’s efforts to restore the lands surrounding the Shack were among the earliest in the United States. Their work continues to have a profound impact on land management and conservation. Estella’s book offers a voyage back to the place where it all began. Read more about the book

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